Letter to the president on persistent destruction of Bugoma forest -26-April-2023

Open letter to Archbishop and House of Bishops Church of Uganda on oil projects -4-July-2023

Letter to Kampala Archbishop on oil project abuses -4-July-2023

Letter to EA presidents on EAPCE ’23 -10-May-2023

Cross-border CSO letter to Barclays Bank over EACOP report -21-April-2023

letter to TotalEnergies on Tilenga floods

Letter to Deputy Chief Justice from Tilenga PAPs requesting for meeting -15-Feb-2023

Letter to Ramsar committe to stop oil developments in Ramsar sites -15-Feb-2023

Protest letter over delayed hearing of the oil refinery case -15-Feb-23

Letter to MLHUD requesting for report of Bugoma forest boundary reopening -07-Feb-2023