• Engaging development partners

    AFIEGO, Save Bugoma Forest Campaign members, the EU head of delegation and his team after a meeting on saving Bugoma forest

  • Partnership building

    AFIEGO and partners after a meeting with National Forestry Authority to discuss how to protect Bugoma forest from oil and sugarcane threats

  • Engaging development partners

    AFIEGO after a meeting with Dutch Embassy officials to discuss how to protect forests from sugarcane, oil and other threats

  • Engaging government

    AFIEGO and partners following a meeting with Ministry of Lands officials in Kampala. The meeting discussed how the public could participate in opening of the Bugoma forest boundaries.

  • Empowering cross-border communities

    AFIEGO and CSO partners from the DRC after a meeting on how to mobilise and empower cross-border communities to protect the environment

  • Engaging the UN on human rights

    AFIEGO and other partners following a meeting with UN Human Rights officials in Kampala. We discussed oil and human rights.

  • Promoting community rights

    AFIEGO and partners in a group photo after a sensitisation meeting with oil-affected women in Hoima district

  • Empowering youth

    AFIEGO and youth leaders after a meeting in which the youth were empowered to protect critical ecosystems from oil and sugarcane threats

  • Engaging cultural leaders

    Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom leaders after a meeting with AFIEGO and partners on how to protect forests amidst competing threats

  • Women participation

    AFIEGO being appreciated by women leaders for working with them to defend their land and environment rights. AFIEGO works with women to protect their rights.

  • Engaging religious leaders

    Bunyoro religious leaders after a meeting with AFIEGO and partners on how to protect forests amidst competing threats

  • Influencing oil processes

    AFIEGO and Ugandan as well as DRC partners after the EACOP ESIA public hearing in Kakumiro district, Uganda. AFIEGO works with cross-border communities to influence governance of cross-border natural resources.

  • Promoting inclusive green growth

    AFIEGO and our Inclusive Green Economy Network-East Africa (IGEN-EA) partners during the official launch of IGEN-EA in Kampala

  • Multi-stakeholder engagements

    AFIEGO, our Save Bugoma Forest Campaign partners, the EU Head of delegation, eight EU ambassadors and the State Minister for Environment during a field visit to Bugoma forest. NFA and UWA officials also participated in the visit.

About Us

Africa Institute for Energy Governance (AFIEGO) is a company limited by guarantee that was incorporated under Uganda's Companies Act. AFIEGO undertakes public policy research and advocacy to influence energy policies to benefit the poor and vulnerable. We run three programmes including ; Electricity Democracy Programme, Extractives Governance Programme, and Renewable Energy Effieciency Programme

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