Proceedings report of the CSO expert meeting to discuss the Tilenga ESIA 13-11-2018

Proceedings report of a CSO meeting to identify common principles for good oil governance 26-03-2019

Proceedings report of negotiations workshop 12-03-2019

Proceedings report of CSO workshop to make comments on Kingfisher and EACOP ESIAs -15-04-2019

proceedings report of the district leaders SEA-ESIA training 16-18 April 2019

A proceedings report to empower Bunyoro communities for transparency, accountability & land rights in oil projects March 2018

A proceedings report of a multi stakeholder training of Amuru district land board and communities on land rights

A proceedings report of a meeting to address emerging challenges faced by refinery PAPs January 2018

Proceedings report of a community meeting on the Auditor General’s refinery project report March 2018

A proceedings report of an FGD on clean energy sources & effective communication channels