CSO memorandum of proposals on th e EACOP Bill -09-Nov-2021

CSO memorandum of gaps in 2018 Land Acquisition Bill 30-March-2020

The Bill also has several gaps. Through the attached memorandum, we point out these gaps and weaknesses and demand that the Ministry of Lands addresses them before presenting the Bill to parliament for debate and enactment

AFIEGO and partners memorandum to NEMA on the 2019 draft ESIA regulations 8-10-2019

AFIEGO’s memorandum to NEMA on gaps in EACOP ESIA

CSO’s and community memorandum to NEMA on gaps in EACOP ESIA

SICU and CSO’s memorandum on Kingfisher ESIA to NEMA -submitted 14-May-2019

CSO’s memorandum of proposals on Tilenga ESIA to NEMA 9 NOV 2018

AFIEGO’s memorandum to the Justice-Bamugemereire Commission of Land Inquiry

CSO’s memorandum to natural resources committee