AFIEGO’s November 2019 newsletter

Friday, December 6th, 2019

AFIEGO’s November 2019 newsletter

The newsletter calls for the protection of the Murchison Falls landscape from hydropower dams, oil and other degrading activities.

The call is made following cabinet approving the conduct of a feasibility study to guide development of a dam at the Uhuru Falls, which are adjacent to the Murchison falls. Through the newsletter, we argue that no study can save the Uhuru and Murchison falls from destruction if a dam is permitted.

The newsletter also questions Bonang Power and Energy (Pty) Ltd’s ability to deliver a hydropower dam while protecting the environment and communities’ rights.

The company’s track record in delivering hydropower dams is largely unknown. Through the newsletter, we show that the company could be a front for corrupt officials who have caused loss of taxpayers’ money, have caused untold suffering to Ugandans and have degraded the environment.

Read more about the above in the newsletter which has the following content:
Murchison Falls National Park, oil & the proposed hydropower dam: A case of impunity, greed and corruption meeting
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