Press statement -Bugoma forest communities evicted -28-April-2022

Press statement -Bugoma forest communities evicted -28-April-2022


Govt should halt eviction of over 3,000 people from Bugoma forest villages Boundary opening should also be concluded

Communities surrounding Bugoma forest in Kikuube district have asked government to stop an ongoing eviction process that has seen over 350 homes being demolished and another about 3,000 people being thrown out of their farmlands.

The community members from over ten villages accuse security personnel from the army and the police of forcing people out of their homes and gardens on April 7, 2022 claiming that the people were trespassing on land belonging to Hoima Sugar Limited.

The affected villages are Tripona/Nyabongo and Muhangazima. In these villages, 350 families were evicted from their homes. In the villages of Rwembaho, Rwenkobe, Karokarungi A&B, Wairagaza, Nsozi, Kikora and others, about 3,000 people were evicted from their farmlands.

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