Press statement -Bugoma forest communities evicted -28-April-2022-1

Friday, April 29th, 2022

Press statement -Bugoma forest communities evicted -28-April-2022-1

The press statement relays the following news among others:

The eviction by security forces of about 3,000 families from their farmlands around Bugoma forest;
The eviction of over 350 households from their homes around Bugoma forest;
Failure by government to conclude the Bugoma forest boundary opening, which has contributed to the eviction of the people.

Through the press statement, the Bugoma forest host communities make the following demands among others:

That the Kikuube district security committee led by the RDC explain how the eviction happened yet in previous meetings, the Ministry of Lands had promised that no community members would be evicted;
That the Ministry of Lands resumes the Bugoma forest boundary opening exercise to protect Bugoma forest and communities.Press statement -Bugoma forest communities evicted -28-April-2022