Monday, October 3rd, 2016


WelcometoourSeptembernewsletter. Thismonth has been one of revelations. First, the World Bank blew the whistle on the fact that its assistance to Ugandaispoorlyabsorbed–informationavailableto ussuggeststhatonly20percentisabsorbed.


Thentheoilcompanies, TotalE&P Uganda, Tullow Oil and CNOOC, revealed that they have drawn a LandAcquisitioanResettlemenFramework (LARF)inpartnershipwiththeMinistryofEnergy.The framework has been necessitated due to impending infrastructure projects such as the crude export pipeline that will necessitate more compulsory acquisitionofland.


Additionally, theoilrenery-affectedpeopleof Kabaale-Hoimareported that despite government promising to return their children to school in third term,thetermhasstartedwithouttheirchildrenbeing takenbacktoschool.


The people also reported that government has moved to undertake surveys for an airstrip in the refineryareaandduringthesesurveys, maize gardenshavebeendestroyed.

Therevelationshavebeenquitemanythismonthand in this newsletter, we tell you what we have done aboutthem.Forinstance,inpartnershipwith 11other


CSOs, we wrote to the president of the World Bank callingformoretransparencyandstricterobservance of procurementand humanrights principlesin the Uganda-WorldBankrelations.


Weareoftheviewthatwithouttheabove,noamount ofassistancewillupliftUgandansfrompoverty.Read more on this in the article, Uganda, World Bank mustbemoretransparenttoendpoverty.


Wealsotellyouwhatconditionswebelievemustbe inplaceinorderfortheLARFtobesuccessfulinthe article, Tullow, Total & CNOOC Land acquisition framework:Whatmustbeinplaceforitssuccess.


In ourpictorial,webringyouthe refinery-affected people’sdemandsthat governmentrespectsthe promise to return their children to school this term, theircallstodesistfromintimidatingthemintotaking low compensation by making their living conditions hard and GPFOG’s calls for more investment in agricultureinordertohelpyouthsucceed.


We bring you much more in our pictorial and in our lobbying and in the media sections.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter.