AFIEGO’s 2018 annual report

Friday, July 26th, 2019

AFIEGO’s 2018 annual report

The report highlights the work we did under our three programme areas in 2018. Some of the work we did includes the following:

· Promoting legal reforms for environmental conservation amidst oil threats.

· Undertaking land rights campaigns for the protection of communities’ land rights.

· Campaigning against amendment of Article 26 of the Uganda Constitution.

· Defending the education, water, food, shelter, gender and other rights of oil-affected communities.

· Promoting public participation in SEA and ESIA activities including the Tilenga ESIA activities.

· Strengthening communities in the oil region to demand for transparency and accountability.

· Campaigning for access to justice through re-instatement of district land tribunals and faster court processes.

· Promoting a just energy transition to clean energy through films, community sensitisation campaigns, strengthening CSO partnerships and others

Download AFIEGO’s 2018 annual report here : AFIEGO’s 2018 annual report