Who we are

Africa Institute for Energy Governance (AFIEGO) is a public policy research and advocacy NGO dedicated to influencing energy policies to benefit the poor and vulnerable. Based in Kampala- Uganda, the organization was born out of the need to contribute to efforts to turn Africa’s energy potential into reality; and to ensure that the common man and woman benefits from this energy boom. Through lobbying, research and community education, AFIEGO works with communities and leaders to ensure that energy resources are utilized in a way that promotes equitable development, environmental conservation and respect for human rights.


A society that equitably uses energy resources for socio-economic development.


To promote energy policies that benefit the poor and vulnerable communities.

Our Objectives
  • To empower citizens, particularly the poor and vulnerable, to participate in the making of energy policies at all levels.
  • To contribute to the pool of knowledge on energy in Africa, through research and documentation.
  • To empower citizens to demand for transparency and accountability in the management and utilisation of energy resources.
  • To promote gender equity in the utilisation of energy resources.
  • To provide free energy-related legal services and paralegal training to vulnerable and poor communities.